Shane mechanical London Ltd

Recent projects

Hoover Building 66 Apartments

Client:   IDM properties London
Complete conversion from offices to luxury apartments
Plumbing ventilation Air conditioning and sanitary ware
Value   £1.7 m

Waddon House 87 Apartments

Client: IDM Properties London
Conversion from office building to Apartments
Plumbing ventilation dry risers sanitary ware
Value £680,000.00

Hackney Gardens London 58 Apartments

Client: JJ Rhatigan Ireland/London
New Build
Plumbing gas heating Hius sanitary ware ventilation
Value £780,000.00

The flint Hotel Belfast

Client: Martin Group Ireland / London
Conversion from listed office building
Plumbing and sanitary ware

Value £380,000.00


Garden Square Letchworth 46 Apartments

Client: Martin Group Ireland/ London
New build 
Plumbing ventilation sanitary ware
Value £645,000.00